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It’s Sprinter!

April 1, 2013

The calendar says spring is here but you would never know it by the weather. It’s not winter and it’s not looking like spring – it’s “Sprinter”.  March was running 10+ degrees below normal almost every day!  Rain/Snow was 5x last year’s March precipitation.  Based on the extended forecasts from Weather Channel, AccuWeather, & NBC12, it looks like today’s warmer temp is the exception for the week but that a real spring might be starting sometime next Sunday or Monday.

I’ve checked on getting information from the National Weather Service as a feed.  It looks like the closest station is Ashland airport.  Right now I’ve got a spreadsheet I’m filing in manually with basic info on temperatures, precipitation, winds, etc. from the Farmer’s Almanac site.  THe NWS site does provide the data in raw format (it is what Farmer’s Almanac is using) but the existence of a web service is not obvious.  It appears I may need to do a daily ftp download if I want to automate this data record.  If things go well this year and I do expand next year as I would like to, it may be worth investing in a weather station that I can connect to a PC or the web.  That way I would be able to automate some systems for dealing with weather events like frosts, strong winds, or lack of rainfall.  Something to consider at least.


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