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Buy or Build?

March 15, 2013

Lowes has a 2″ x 6″ x 16′ pine, pressure treated board for $10.97.  While significantly cheaper than buying a pre-cut, quick-assemble 4′ x 4′ SFG setup from the SFG store, the quality of the wood, the need for hardware, drilling, corner reinforcements, a grid, and a weed mat make it a less attractive option than it first seems.  Will check on Craigslist for anyone with existing SFG frames they want to sell.  George is going to check if there is anything usable at Mary’s.  It will be important to balance the cost vs. convenience of this part since the more important purchases will be ingredients for Mel’s Mix and the plants and seeds.  Also, need to remember the upcoming other living expenses – insurance, FiOS, mobile, and Capital One – that will come due before I can start to invest in 2 new Earthboxes with staking systems, replant kits, and AWS add-ons.

Considering what a tiny project this is in comparison to a family farm, I’m really gaining a new respect for farmers!

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